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Sunday, December 01, 2013
By Breezy Cranford
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As a Navy family.

I can't believe that Gary's 20 years are almost up. It seems like just a couple of years ago he came to see me and asked me what I though of him joining the Navy. I told him I would think he was crazy haha. He looked at me sort of puzzled. I looked at him and said there is no Navy in NC lol (there actually are but not a lot). He just smiled and said exactly, you always wanted to get out of here. That statement I could agree with. I had always talked about moving as long as I could remember. After some time of talking, I had told him I would follow him any where but California. Growing up in NC you always thought CA would fall off due to an earthquake lol. 
And where would his first assignment be after boot camp? San Diego California! Ha And I followed him. I miss the hustle and bustle with everything open all the time etc... but I do not miss the cost of living there. I also think because it was our first "home" it will hold a special place in us.

Since then we have gone on to Charleston, SC, Norfolk, Va, Corpus Christi, TX, back to Norfolk and now to Naples, Italy.

It is hard to believe that we are so close to retirement. Gary will officially be retired on September 1st, 2014. Who knows what the future holds for us. He is working on getting his resume finished and out to companies that interest him. We are praying that he has a confirmed job before we leave Italy. We are hoping that will take place in  just 6 short months. OUCH!

The Navy has been great to us for the most part and we are grateful for the adventure and opportunities that it has brought to our family. There are only so many people who can say that they have lived in Europe for 3 years, or seen the fireworks in Naples on New Years Eve etc... We have been blessed to be able to have see many part of the US and Europe, Gary saw much of Asia and the Persian Gulf his first 4 years as well, still a little jealous about that lol. If it wasn't for knowing there was a steady paycheck (granted there were times that paycheck didn't come because someone didn't do their job) coming every month, I highly doubt we would have been able to go to Hawaii, Alaska, Cancun, Bahamas, Scotland, Ireland, England, Iceland, Germany, Brussels, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. And I am sure I am missing several there, but you get the idea.

So as we plan to start a new chapter in our lives we have a lot of changes coming. Yes he will have his retirement check (yeah they suck you in with the benefits lol but in the end they don't go as far as you think at 18 haha) but there is no way 5 people will be able to survive on that. We have no clue where we will be living, we know we will visit family for a week or 2 in NC after outprocessing somewhere in the states. We can choose & are debating between, VA, FL and TX. So we have to find a job for Gary, I have to start marketing to what ever area that may be in haha and maybe finding a job until the business takes off again. We have to set up the homeschooling to that states laws. We have 2 kids that will be getting permits as soon as we are back and the third will be right behind them in 2015. Can we saw ouch on insurance haha? We need to decide what state we will be having our new car delivered to (job may be a factor) etc....

So it looks like the next 9 months will be crazy busy for us and we still haven't seen all of Italy that we wanted to see and certainly not all of Europe.

Too many decisions to little time.......... 
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